I am a twenty-something web designer living near Guildford, Surrey in the United Kingdom. I have (at the time of writing - Sept 2013) three year's experience in Web design and graphic design.

I studied Multimedia Computing at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol from 2007 to 2010 and finished with a 2:1 grade. The course covered various aspects of using computers for multimedia, including Web Design Principals (HTML5 and CSS3), Human Computer Interfaces, Databases, Schemas and Applications (XML, mostly), Web Games Programming (Flash and Unity3D), 3D Modelling and Animation (Maya and Motionbuilder) and Moving Image Technology (basics of filiming and editing using Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere).

My area of expertise lies within web design (HTML5 and CSS3 mostly, with experience in PHP, mySQL and Wordpress) and graphic manipulation in Photoshop. I have a little experience in other areas, such as game design in Flash and Unity3D, sound recording and editing in Cubase and video editing in Adobe Premiere. I feel this gives me a great view on what computers and mobile devices are capable of and can come up with designs that are interesting and thought provoking.

Since graduating in 2010 I spent two years working with the Guildford Heat Basketball Team. I was hired to help keep the website up-to-date with news and creating promotional graphics in Photoshop. I also was in control of all other promotional materials including posters, leaflets, vouchers, match programmes and graphics shown on TV screens around the Surrey Sports Park and University of Surrey campus.

I have had experience liasing with numerous companies while working with the Heat, as the team was sponsored by local companies, all of whom wanted their logos and advertisments displayed prominently at matches, on the website and on printed materials.

I finished working with the Heat in May 2012, where I have been working as a freelance web designer since. I have worked with numerous local businesses and people, helping them to create websites and other promotional materials, such as business cards and stickers.

I am passionate about technology and its use to improve people's lives and businesses. I am very keen to learn what I can about gadgets, and what they are capable of. I have kept at the forefront of computer hardware for years, building computers and pushing limits with overclocks.

I have great experience with Windows, mostly having used Windows 7 since its RTM release. I used Macs while I was at university and I have played with Ubuntu Linux.